Connect variables

Here is a very brief overview of the different variable types in isave.DIALOG and Studio.

Note that this is more detail on pages 259 to 260 in the Studio manual

When you open a project file, you can add to the existing variables from the project template file (XAT). As you add variables Studio will update the layout tab and display the variable name in the Variable column.

There are two ways to connect a variable to a template file.

  1. By drag and drop from the project file.
  2. Use the Apply Variable  icon in the variable tool-bar

To delete a variable, right-click the variable in the project file and select Delete Project Variable.

How to connect the variable drag and drop method from the project file:

1. Choose View > Project > Variables the Studio will show you the existing variables

2. Move a variable from the list. Click the variable you are going to connect with the left mouse button. As you move an variable the cursor will change to a plus sign (+) when you are above an acceptable element (the right kind) connect the variables you go into the template by not pressing the left mouse button anymore.

To add a image variable to an existing frame, drag variables to this image frame.

To add a variable to a new element, drag variables to an empty area of the page and Studio will create a container appropriate for the type of variables you add (text box of variables of the kind text and a picture box for the variable of the kind image etc.).

Use the Apply Variable  icon in the variable tool-bar:

1. Select the location for the variable. Select the text selection tool   for tekst variabler eller pil verktøyet  for bildevariabler og marker det stedet du vil at variabelen skal komme inn i malen.

2. Ved å deretter velge variabelen i prosjektfilen og bruke Apply Variable  knappen i toppen av prosjektfilen vil du koble til en variabel til malfilen.

For å slette en variabler fra malen velg å makere den variablene (elementet med påkoblet variabel) du vil ha omkoblet og klikk på knappen Remove Variable . Eller velg Variables > Remove All Variables for å fjerne alle koblinger til alle koblede variabler.