Add shopping basket address

Here are som issues about adding addresses in Isave.DIALOG. Adressess are used when entering the shopping basket to tell the supplier where to ship the products, and where to send the invoice. Addresse can be connected to users or Groups / departements

Add address

Enter the system // address menu.

Press the + icon.

Select Blank address if you want to start with empty fields (The other selections are for adding address connected to a group/ departement.

Register info, check if the address will be a delivery address, a invoice address or both. You can also change group/ departement.

AddressName = Name to be displayed in list when entering shopping basket
GroupName = Company/ departement name
ExtAddressNumber = Clients unique address number.
Address = Postal or Street address depending on if its a delivery or invoice address.
Zip = Postal code
ExtGroupNumber = Avdeling (For connecting address to group when importing from csv).