Add new user

When adding users in Isave two issues are important.

  1. Is it many users? (If so one should consider importing the from csv).
  2. Do we need custom fields fror the users?

When this is cleared out there are two ways of registering users. Manually (one by one) or by csv. import.

Its important due to security issues that username and password is not possible tom import from csv. This can be done via API methods if this is needed!

Icon explanations : Grey Person icon means that this is an ordinary user with limited user rights and access.  Black icon means Administrator user with  additional  access and user rights.

To add person manually  (one by one).

Enter System // Users

Press the CREATE button.

Register neccecary information about the user and save. If you have created custom fields these will appear on the right.

The “Send password” button will send an email to the user with URL and information about how to login to Isave.DIALOG.The user can update this information  in System // My Profile.

The administrator user can change the username and password, the username has to be unique within the company site.

Add a custom filed for users.

Enter the system // specifications // Users menu

Write desired field name and press CREATE.

Now you can choose field type ie. tectox, dropdown, radio button, or image (to upload images connected to group and used in templates). You can add default values, tooltip, sorting and so forth.

You can the select an image sotred in isave.FILES .

If you now access user details an image selector will appear (if you have added an image variable).

This can be used to save the signature for later use in templates.

Select image/ signature and press SAVE.

Remember to press the “save and close” button in the top when finished!

Add user sfrom .csv file.

Enter System // Usersog velg and select download example file. (It is important that alle custom fields are created before doing this, or else they will not appear in the template.

Selct open with excel.

Add data to this file and save it at .csv (ANSI format). Its omportant to control the csv file in a text editor (ie notepad/ textedit / text wrangler), to avoid getting error messages when trying to import it. Check for empty lines, long values or strange letters.

Select save as  – Other formats.

write a filename and select CSV (Comma delimited) *.csv and press Save.


If you have a backup of your excel file, confirm that you will change the format.


Upload the CSV file in Isave.DIALOG by pressing the button “Upload CSV file for import”.

If you havent edited the header names, all fields will automatically map into correct posititon.

If this is an update, check the Update records with match on, and select match value.


Downaload example files

Standard User fields

ExtPersonNumber  used to register you own user number from for example crm or other client register.

ExtGroupNumber Used to connect users automatically to Correct group/ departement.

Firstname Users firstname (the value can also be used in the templates from the database PERSON og valget FIRSTNAME).

Lastname users lastname (the value can also be used in the templates from the database PERSON and the variable LASTNAME).

Note that when in template admin selects to connect a variable to the database PERSON and field NAME the system will use FIRSTNAE and LASTNAME with a space between.

Phone users phone number (the value can also be used in the templates from the database PERSON and the variable PHONE).

Mobile users mobile phone  (the value can also be used in the templates from the database PERSON and the variable MOBILE).

Language set the users language, will override the setting that selected for the company.

Avdeling connect user to a Group / Departement (vil arve adresse data fra Group databasen).

Type set user type Admin or ordinary user.

Advanced User settings

Filterlevel here you set whar elements in Isave.DIALOG will see as default, this setting will not prevent users to access elements, but is used to filter away unwanted elements (Setup to prevent access is explained in another part of this document).

Address Access setup the user to be able to create invoice or delivery addresses, when ordering. Certifier checkbox, will liste the user when other users need to send an order to certifying.

These checkboxes will only appear if the company has access to certify and add addresses set in company settings.