Standard print project file

Start by downloading our library of project files, add these to your local PC (you will need this every time you create a template). Note that you can add variables that you use frequently, and copy your modified project files to save time. Standard project files from this page contains only one variable to see which settings are appropriate for use in isave.DIALOG. Download one of our standard project files for print templates here:

Print Template Project file (landscape products)

Print Template Project file (portrait products)


Standard business card template

We have created a standard business card template that is optimized towards large amounts of PDF generations (CSV or data list) and it also includes all common variables.

Note that the template is not running HiRes document action so all the images must be stored in the template package folder (Image folder). The template also shows methods for small letters in the e-mail variable and how to brake the e-mail at the @-character for long addresses that do not fit on one line. Use this template to help you create new templates or dispose template and use only use the project file to getting started with your business card project.

English Business Card


Unzip the file and copy the entire folder Your_templatename and give both the folder and the project file (  the name of your client  and and the product to create template. (IE: Isave_businesscard //

A good file structure is as follows (not mandatory, but a good advice):

Isave clients / / Client name / / Client_Product / /

Double-click on the project file ( to open Studio.

When Studio opens you will see the project file without any template content.

Now you can add a template file to your structure in one of two ways:

  • Export Indesign or Quark file to template folder structure
  • Create an new template (CTRL + N)


File associations

If Studio don’t open when you double-click on the project file, we then recommended a restart of your PC to the correct file association. Or you can right-click the project file and select Open With and browse to the program file located here:

C: \ Pageflex \ Studio6.1 \ Programs \ PFStudio.exe

Or you can right-click on the file and select properties.

Then select the program with which to open the file with, click change if Pageflex Studio is not the selected application.

Select browse .. and browse to the program file located here:


Be sure to tick the box “ Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”.